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Mobile Contract

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-About Japanese mobile carriers-

The three famous mobile companies in Japan are au, softbank and docomo.

These three companies have stores (mobile shops) all over the country, and anyone can enter the store during business hours.

Each of the three companies has a plan, and the price varies depending on the plan.

There are often no people who can speak English at mobile shops, so it’s better to go with someone who can speak Japanese.

~visiting the mobile shop~

  1. Tell the clerk what mobile device you want
  2. Determine the rate plan
  3. Decide the payment method
  4. Receive your mobile phone (If you do not have the model you want, make a reservation and receive it later)

*A handling fee of 3000 yen will be charged and will be deducted with your mobile phone bill next month.

-Documents required when making a mobile contract-

・Identification documents (resident card, special permanent resident certificate)

However, if the name and address on the documents are not the latest, you can use resident’s card, notification of evacuation site, bill for utility charges (electricity, gas, water)


・Credit card if monthly payment method is credit card

・If monthly payment method you need a debit, cash card or bankbook + financial institution registration stamp


Temporary Loan Emergency Funds

The Social Welfare Councils of all prefectures are providing a welfare fund loan system to lend necessary funds for living and other expenses to low-income households. In light of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of households that are eligible for loans under this system will be expanded to include non-low-income households. Special loans such as emergency small amount funds will be provided to households that are struggling for their living expenses as a result of temporary stoppage of work or unemployment. Please see overleaf for detailed information about these special loans. Please use the contact information provided below for questions about specific contents. Process of loan application Households that are struggling Municipal Social Welfare Council Application Prefectural Social Welfare Council Consultation support Send


■ Applicable households

Households facing a decrease in income due to temporary stoppage of work, etc. as a result of COVID19, and who require an urgent temporary loan to maintain their livelihood.


■ Loan amount upper limit

  • Temporary stoppage of work at school, etc. or special loans for sole proprietors, etc.: ¥200,000
  • Other cases: ¥100,000


■ Deferment period

Within 1 year


■ Repayment deadline

Within 2 years


■ Apply to:

Municipal Social Welfare Council


How to change your visa to “Designated Visa”

July 6, 2020 Comments Off on How to change your visa to “Designated Visa” By Master Editor

For our fellow Filipino trainees, “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services”, “Skilled Labor who are stuck here in Japan with a residence status that will expire. You can change visa to “Designated Visa” and extend up to 1 year.

Application procedure:

Foreigners should apply to the Regional Immigration Bureau or Branch Office that has jurisdiction over their residence for permission to change their status of residence to “Designated Activities (EmploymentPermitted)”.

The matching assistance process:

Step 1: Write your name, contact details, desired area (specified industrial field) and other required items in the “Agreement to Handling of Personal Information” and submit it*.

Step 2: Provision of your details to an employment agency from the Immigration Services Agency via a related Ministry, etc.

Step 3: Matching with a new occupation or job by the employment agency.

Step 4; Entering into an employment agreement with the company for the new occupation or job.

Step 5: Application to Regional Immigration Bureau or Branch Office for change of status of residence to “Designated Activities (Employment Permitted)” and approval thereby.